Within a few days of my session with a Professional Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist . She used the DeluxCrystalWand(From She worked from the internal Vaginal muscle walls  and this released the tension in the Fascia causing the cronic pain Read More

Sensual Enhancing Product Review

I am a 60 year old chiropractor who has been in practice for over 32 years. I am also a clinical nutritionist and work with patients who are looking for natural alternatives to mainstream drug therapies. Over the years I Read More

Told I Would Never Walk Again!

I had a car accident 8 years ago resulting in a spinal cord injury. The doctors told me I wouldn’t walk again. I had fractured my C6 vertibrae resulting in paralysis from my chest down. I was in the hospital Read More

Prostate Massage

“I bought your G spot/prostate massage tool from you at a convention where you lectured in San Diego. I’m using it for prostate massage. I’ve found it very beneficial for a chronic health problem that doctors call Prostatitis, an infection Read More

Thank You!

You gave me back something I had lost. My connection to me. The drive home tonite was filled with a growing sense of being home again. Being connected again. The sadness and pain of devastation aren’t gone, I know it Read More

Honeydipper Deluxe

Hi Cynthia, “It was quite amazing. It felt as though I could get the rim of the bulb right on my sacred spot and as I moved it up and down I was suddenly overwhelmed by a gushing orgasmic wave Read More

Love and light, Elise Psychotherapist

The Crystal Wand was a curiosity that I purchased to experience and had no specific expectations about it. As a psychologist who works with sexual dysfunction, I was very intrigued with the possibilities of its usage. What happened with it Read More

Emotional Release

I have used the wand for pelvic release through the anus on myself and my husband. There are knots of tension in that area that hold emotions and tensions that effect the whole body and nervous system. I have begun Read More

Vaginal Orgasms

As the owner of a personal growth center as well as two alternative sex shops in the Los Angeles area, I have pretty much seen it all. I have tried and experimented with just about every new sex toy that Read More