Told I Would Never Walk Again!

I had a car accident 8 years ago resulting in a spinal cord injury. The doctors told me I wouldn’t walk again. I had fractured my C6 vertibrae resulting in paralysis from my chest down. I was in the hospital for 7 weeks. After about a month of intensive therapy including my own ‘inner therapy’, I would watch MTV between my physical therapy sessions, using visualization, I would imagine myself dancing to the music. It took a strong will and unwavering intention to heal. An important factor too was my realizing that what I THOUGHT about myself, my life and healing would be the most important factor in getting better. I decided to listen to the doctors and what they and others had to say about what I COULDN’T do, would be to give my ‘power to heal’ away.

So I did not believe what they told me. I kept in a positive direction knowing I could do it. As a result, I was walking with some help of my walker out of the hospital in 2 months. The next few years were filled with a number of good therapies including Yoga, Accupuncture and Massage. I hired a personal trainer that helped me by giving me exercises as well as breathing practices focusing on strengthing and stabilizing the core muscles that are responsible for movement, especially of my hips and legs. This is when I came to work for Nectar Products and learned from Cynthia about the Crystal Wand and the Vaginal Weight Lifting Egg. This added a lot to my trainers exercise program. It helped me to regain feeling and muscle strength in my whole pelvic area and hips. The results were Great! I felt more awake, more alive down there and more of a continuity of flow of energy through my whole body. What was once numb before is more sensitive! Using the breathing exercises with the Egg and Wand suggested in the instruction booklet has helped me to feel more throughout my whole body but especially a strength in the pelvis which is the center of my balance and movement.

Thank You So Much!