Sensual Enhancing Product Review

I am a 60 year old chiropractor who has been in practice for over 32 years. I am also a clinical nutritionist and work with patients who are looking for natural alternatives to mainstream drug therapies.

Over the years I have investigated numerous herbal preparations for my patients who did not respond well to pharmaceutical treatments for erectile dysfunction. Most of these herbal products either did not work or worked poorly. Then I discovered Mojo Risen. I took it myself, and I was very impressed! As advertised, it went to work in about 30 minutes and performed as well as, if not better than, the well-advertised ED drugs. You only need to take one capsule, and it stays in your system for over 24 hours. And it has worked for me every time, without fail.

What I especially like about Mojo Risen, besides for the fact that it’s naturally herbal, is the aphrodisiac effect that I really did not expect. Rather than just producing a mechanical erection like the pharmeceutical products, Mojo Risen also produces a wonderful sexual arousal and stamina that I haven’t experienced in decades. And it’s cost is half that of the mainstream drug treatments. I have re-ordered the product for myself and recommend it highly.

E. W.

Doctor of Chiropractic.
San Diego, CA