Prostate Massage

“I bought your G spot/prostate massage tool from you at a convention where you lectured in San Diego. I’m using it for prostate massage. I’ve found it very beneficial for a chronic health problem that doctors call Prostatitis, an infection of the prostate gland. I have been told by doctors that the infection lies deep in many fine tubes within the gland and becomes impacted with fluid disallowing the antibiotic medication from reaching the infected area. Medical professionals have recommended massage along with the medication, but my wife complains that her fingers are not long enough, and it is hard to reach and massage effectively.

Using the Crystal Wand™, I have milked almost a teaspoon of fluid from the gland at a time, which is a lot because when I had it done at the doctor’s office only a few drops appeared. So great! Thanks! I am grateful I found it and I have passed the information on to my buddies on the net who all suffer from the same problem. Finally, some relief!