Vaginal Orgasms

As the owner of a personal growth center as well as two alternative sex shops in the Los Angeles area, I have pretty much seen it all. I have tried and experimented with just about every new sex toy that comes on the market, and the Crystal Wand™ is on the top of my favorites list!

After a few days of using my beautiful Crystal Wand™, suddenly, at fifty years old, I started enjoying vaginal orgasms! From then on I was able to create vaginal orgasms with my lover as well. What a joy! Another delight has been my lover’s pleasure in watching my orgasm; actually seeing my vaginal contractions through the clear Lucite of the wand! The wand has become my favorite “toy.” I love to start my day with a smile so, I can enjoy a quick five minute orgasm with my wand on my G-crest and my vibrator on my *censored*oris. It is guaranteed to begin my day with a deep appreciation of how responsive my body is!