Vaginal Weight Lifting Egg Testimonials

I have been working with the onyx egg for many years now. I have found it to be extremely useful in many ways. I build up a charge or energy in my second chakra that I often find difficult to contain or move without the availability of a partner. I’m not certain how it works, but use of the egg seems to allow a diffusing of the energy that gives me a greater ability to house this energy in my body and my field.

[I swear, it’s like having a pacifier! When I feel all frayed and out of sorts, I pop my egg in, and it’s comforting, grounding and centering!]

As a result of using the egg, I have acquired the ability to discern different “regions” along the vaginal canal and can feel them distinctly. It’s really heavenly. Although I believe that it is muscle tone that is responsible for this, it translates in feeling as a softening and an opening.

I am very grateful for my egg!