The quality is the first thing that you notice here. Tugging open the smooth drawstring on the little velvet bag, and looking inside at the small stone egg that rests in your palm. The heft of it in your hand as you pull it from the bag, warming it between your two hands, maybe rolling it back and forth a little. It’s made to tone and strengthen the vaginal muscle walls, giving a woman considerably more control over her sex, and relieving the tension that can accumulate and build there over time. As with any new discipline, practice is key and relaxation is the first step toward enjoyment of this practice. (My own tendency is to get nervous, start laughing, and pop the egg out onto the bed. Oh well, there’s time yet for me to learn). A fabulous toy that, like the Wand, is an art object as well. I think it’s a good idea to be surrounded by things that stimulate visually as well as sexually, which is why I’ve set my egg up on my desk. An inspiration in more ways than one, and Most Highly Recommended.

This review of Nectar Products™ is from EIDOS V10 N4 Issue # 40 Kinky Reviews by Heather Seggel Page 27. EIDOS – The primary, and for some, the only forum of sexual expression.