Chicago Illinois

Hi Cynthia – We want to thank you for making a website that is so
wonderful for both men and women to enjoy. We purchased our first wand
last year and have since bought many more to give to friends as gifts.
Our experiences with the wand have opened up the doors to a new
sexuality for us and we are spreading the word to anyone who will
listen. It has enhanced our sexual and sensual life beyond words. It
brings a new vitality to our lovemaking and we both now have
spectacular ejaculations, where before only one of us did (guess which
one!) The wand has helped release incredible emotional feelings and has
allowed us to celebrate hour long full body orgasms. Thank you for
bringing us these products in a safe, sensual way!
LG( Psychotherapist specializing in womens issues)
and DG(Senior Executive in Multimedia Corp.)
Chicago, Ill.