Fluffy Feather Boa – Red


Sensual Feather Boa can titillate your sex life and revive your sensual relationship!

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Use your feather boa to give your partner a sensuous massage. The light soft feather boa can be trailed over your partners body to titillate and excite every inch of his/her body. This light touch has been scientifically proven to stimulate the electromagnetic field surrounding our body which creates a tingly change of energy stimulating endorphins and sexual arousal for you and your partners sensual delight! When your partner comes home from work and experiences the dim lights and your boa trailing into the bedroom he/she will be tickled to follow it to you. Other uses of your boa: Wear for an erotic dance for your partner. Decorate your room or bed with a boa, rose petals, candlelight,incense and music to set the mood for your lover.