Senso Sleeves 3pak for Deluxe Wand


  • Senso Sleeve or Handle grip for use with the Deluxe Crystal Wand.
  • Nontoxic Unscented TPE material.
  • 1.5”x .5”/4 cm x 1 cm


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These Sleeves 3 Pack multiple use, ultra stretchy ticklers fit the Deluxe Crystal Wand or slips snugly on your finger. Safe and pure for body and pleasure. Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials unscented Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE. Sleeves measure 1.5 inches long by .5 inches wide. Always clean before and after use. Great for added sensation and as a practical hand grip when the wand gets slippery from Lubricant use. You can cut off tip end if needed to move grip further up the handle end of your Crystal Wand… Practical and Sensual!  See Deluxe Crystal Wand in Catalogue!