Crystal Wand Testimonial

Here is the email that I sent to Julie (aka Dr. Sarton who has a PhD in physical therapy specializing in women’s pelvic issues) and her partner, Dr. Karen Noblett (who is a MD specializing in uro-gynecoloy) at UCI Medical in Orange.

I was their patient for a few years from around 2003? to 2006 or 2007. Both Julie and Dr. Noblett are very personable, caring, knowledgeable, curious and open-minded.

Hi Julie and Dr. Noblett,

I wanted to let you know that I found a really great “wand” that works much better than the standard medical stents in releasing pelvic floor tension AND also is much easier on the hands. You can take a look at it here:

I recall that Julie said she and her partner were experiencing muscular tension in your hands, because you are curling your fingers at unusual angles and working on women all day. This wand is curved and it is so much easier to get to the tight muscle band around the introitus, as well as the deeper muscles inside the vaginal canal.

With the wand, I am able to get to muscles that I was unable to get to before. For example, I was not able to use the medical stent on the tight muscle band around the introitus, because it would slip on the tight muscle. However, with this wand I can get to this tiny band of tight muscles, because of its curved shape. I had to angle the stent to get to the deeper muscles, which caused some wrist/hand aches, but I can very easily release tension in the deeper muscles too.

It used to take me a good hour of stent work to release the tension from various pelvic muscles. And because the tension returned in about 48 hours or so (depending on how long I sat that day), I had to find a hour of free time to do the stent work every few days. Needless to say, it was difficult at times to find a whole hour of free time. With this wand, I am able to complete a full muscular release within 15 minutes or so and I can do the work not only lying down but also sitting up. (With the medical stents, I could not get to the muscles unless I was lying down.)

I am not getting any kickbacks from talking about this wand. I just wanted to share with you about this wand, because it is so much easier and faster to get results from it. And it costs much less than the stents that I purchased several years ago. I thought you might also find it easier to work with and I thought that your patients might like to try it out too.

I hope you two are doing well!