Yoni Massage/Exercise Eggs – Natural RoseQuartz Gemstone MEDIUM


Gemstone Egg with weight lifting capabilities: comes with a cord, velvet pouch and Instruction booklet.

  • Medium Eggs are approx. 2″ L x 1.5″ W

NOTE – Egg Stand Sold Separately


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Many Women have lost Vaginal Muscle tone and sensation due to inactivity ,lack of exercising these intimate muscles and from aging and Childbirth! This Great product has been created for you!Whether you want to just re awaken these muscles or increase your or desire to create Olympian heights of Sexual Pleasure, Vitality and Energy this is the perfect product for you! This Semi-Precious Gemstone weight lifting egg has an eye-hook and cord that allows you to easily pull your egg out when you are satisfied and completed your exercises. You can add additional weights to your egg to increase the resistance and POWER of your Vaginal Workout(See the Egg Kit listed here on this sight)! With the muscular control and power you develop using the Gemstone Weight Lifting Egg, you and your lover can experience the increased pleasure and intimacy that you desire! With this power you can begin to master the ancient eastern art of POMPOURI or playing the flute. This Erotic Art involves stimulating your partners penis without any friction or movement solely from the muscle movement that you have developed using the egg. This Erotic Art creates a new octave of sexual ecstasy with sensations that are as deliciously pleasurable to him as well as for you! We provide an Instruction booklet to get you started. Attractive velvet pouch included all eggs are solid Onyx/Chalcedony a natural semi precious Gemstone material.See Post on bottom of Home page on PC EXERCISES for the Sensuously fit!

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