CD – Tantric Sexuality Music


Music for sensual massage, meditative lovemaking, breathing and energy work.  Ideal for Tantric practitioners or beginners.

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The Mind, Body & Soul series is a unique collection of beautiful New World Music that perfectly compliments and enhances specific subjects. Each recording is accompanied by sleeve notes from practitioners giving a background and insight into the subject. Pre-dating most of the world’s established religions, Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that leads the follower to a place of enlightenment. Designed to change the way listeners approach relationships and life, TANTRIC SEXUALITY is a lyrically energizing, heartful and relaxing album created by reclusive composer Llewellyn in conjunction with respected Tantra teacher Leora Lightwoman. Divided into four parts, the release features a steady, rhythmic drumbeat throughout. This helps to connect listeners with the energy of the earth and reminds them of their passion for existence in the here and now. Accompanying the album is a full color guide outlining the principles of Tantra practice.