Rabbit Fur Massage Mitten


This beautiful soft and furry mitt and love pouch is made of the finest French Faux Fur. Your mitt has many uses: * Your 13 inch Love Fur is a yummy soft massage mitt. * Also makes a fluffy throw pillow. * A sensuous satin lined lingerie or nightie bag. * A soft hide away for you Crystal Wand tm, personal lubricant, sex toys or other intimate objects. * A luxurious warm and soft hot water bottle cover (see our ‘Hot Pack’ listed in this category). You can heat our Velvet covered Hot Pack and place it inside your Love Fur with plenty of room inside for your partners hand to give a lovely heated massage.

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Set the mood for this sensual massage; take the phone off the hook, create low lighting or candlelight, use incense or aroma therapy oils, something for all the senses!

Russians have been studying the electromagnetic field of the human body for decades. They have researched and found that the Fur of rabbits in particular has a very positive effects when placed on the body. It seems to have a Rebalancing and Harmonizing effect on a persons Energy.

If placed on the body ,particularly where there has been Trauma or the effects of Stress. The research on Rabbit fur shows that it realigns the energy, promotes healing ,tension and the effects of trauma .  My friend who grew up in Russia told me her mom would wrap a Rabbit fur around her ankle(using an ace bandage) thru the night when she had a sprain ,or on her lower abdomen when she had menstrual cramps or her head if she had a headache. Use over the sexual area to relax and release Stress. . Use gently over the whole body to stimulate the Electromagnetic field around the whole body.

Our Rabbit furs are obtained from sources where the Rabbits are treated kindly and when we receive them we offer them in a traditional Native American ritual of Gratitude for their healing gifts. This acknowledgement raises the Energy of this Noble gift from Nature to beautifully serve your Sensual ,Physical and Emotional Healing and Awakening.

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