About Cynthia

Cynthia is a leader in the field of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. Her
background and training includes over 40 years of training and
experience with thousands of men and women as Relationship and Spiritual Counselor,Intimacy coach and Workshop Facilitator.
Cynthia has taught Transcendental Meditation for 10 years , is a certified Tantra Teacher (since 1990) ,
Couples and Family Mediation Counselor, Frequencies of Brilliance Practitioner and “OnenessDeeksha” Teacher. See more on Deeksha here ETR
(Energy Transfer Reset) facilitator,Teaches several forms of Meditation including the Powerful Guided Meditation Process of Clearing Ancestral/
Family Karma.
She makes a yearly Pilgrimages to India’s Temples, Ashrams,Spiritual
Communities and Energy Vortexes.
Cynthia has taken part in and studied 5,000 year old Temple Rites of this Sacred Culture, bringing back with her Ancient Wisdom to share with
you. While in India, Cynthia completed an intensive 21-day process at
the Oneness University (onenessnorthamerica.org) and is now sanctioned to give and teach others to give”Oneness Deeksha” (a Sanskrit word meaning “Benediction”).

Deeksha is a Shaktipat given through touch (in person),voice or intention (via phone) which supports Spiritual Transformation by actually
changing brainwave patterns for a more conscious experience of Divine Bliss, naturally resulting in releasing old patterns and living a more
Fulfilling,Happy life.
In her sessions she incorporates OnenessDeeksha (by phone or in person) various forms of Counseling, Bodywork, massage, use of powerful essential oils and Flower essences, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques,
Breathwork, Dance Movement Therapy and Guided
Shamanic Journeying… for uncovering and releasing old negative
patterns, Sexual Dysfunction and Trapped Emotions, healing the Prostate and Yoni (G-spot for Men and Women), Thus Awakening the life-force
energy, Freeing up Sexual Energy, integrating Sexuality, Heart And Soul.
Cynthia also is a trained Facilitator of ATLAS /Body Balancing or Dao-Tha.
Ask Cynthia about Bach Flower Essences using energy (or muscle) testing Cynthia chooses among 30 different possible Flower Essences to create a blend of the 3 most suited to help you uniquely Mentally, Emotionally
and Spiritually. You will take home this bottled blend for your continued energetic support when needed.
Cynthia creates a safe and supportive atmosphere with compassion,
integrity and down to earth wisdom.Plan an ecstatic vacation by the
Ocean in Sunny Southern California including private sessions with
Cynthia. She will design a custom program to meet your individual
needs! cynthialamborne@gmail.com