Crystal Wand Testimonial

Here is the email that I sent to Julie (aka Dr. Sarton who has a PhD in physical therapy specializing in women's pelvic issues) and her partner, Dr. Karen Noblett (who is a MD specializing in uro-gynecoloy) at UCI Medical in Orange.

I was their patient for a few years from around 2003? to 2006 or 2007. Both Julie and Dr. Noblett are very personable, caring, knowledgeable, curious and open-minded.

Hi Julie and Dr. Noblett,

I wanted to let you know that I found a really great "wand" that works much better than the standard medical stents in releasing pelvic floor tension AND also is much easier on the hands. You can take a look at it here: www.pelvictherapyproducts.com

I recall that Julie said she and her partner were experiencing muscular tension in your hands, because you are curling your fingers at unusual angles and working on women all day. This wand is curved and it is so much easier to get to the tight muscle band around the introitus, as well as the deeper muscles inside the vaginal canal.

With the wand, I am able to get to muscles that I was unable to get to before. For example, I was not able to use the medical stent on the tight muscle band around the introitus, because it would slip on the tight muscle. However, with this wand I can get to this tiny band of tight muscles, because of its curved shape. I had to angle the stent to get to the deeper muscles, which caused some wrist/hand aches, but I can very easily release tension in the deeper muscles too.

It used to take me a good hour of stent work to release the tension from various pelvic muscles. And because the tension returned in about 48 hours or so (depending on how long I sat that day), I had to find a hour of free time to do the stent work every few days. Needless to say, it was difficult at times to find a whole hour of free time. With this wand, I am able to complete a full muscular release within 15 minutes or so and I can do the work not only lying down but also sitting up. (With the medical stents, I could not get to the muscles unless I was lying down.)

I am not getting any kickbacks from talking about this wand. I just wanted to share with you about this wand, because it is so much easier and faster to get results from it. And it costs much less than the stents that I purchased several years ago. I thought you might also find it easier to work with and I thought that your patients might like to try it out too.

I hope you two are doing well!



Crystal Wand - Loving It In Indy

I along with a few others around the Indianapolis, IN area are raving and bragging about just how wonderful this new toy is. Congrats on whom ever designed it and we love you for making it available for all of us women in this area.

Loving the Wand in Indy.

Crystal Wand - Many Benefits!

Cynthia, I use Love Nectar wands, and recommend them to women. We can use them to massage hard-to-reach pressure points to organs, and to release internal muscles to treat localized pain, intercourse pain, leg pain, and infertility. Tight muscles can impinge on nerve and blood flow to these areas, and so releasing them can result in pain relief, better lovemaking, and overall well-being. We even see psychological benefits, such as more groundedness from the pelvic floor muscles being more open. The wands can even be used to facilitate emotional release, since our bodies' tissues can hold records of past trauma.

Bess McCarty, HHP

Crystal Wand

Hi Cynthia - We want to thank you for making a website that is so
wonderful for both men and women to enjoy. We purchased our first wand
last year and have since bought many more to give to friends as gifts.
Our experiences with the wand have opened up the doors to a new
sexuality for us and we are spreading the word to anyone who will
listen. It has enhanced our sexual and sensual life beyond words. It
brings a new vitality to our lovemaking and we both now have
spectacular ejaculations, where before only one of us did (guess which
one!) The wand has helped release incredible emotional feelings and has
allowed us to celebrate hour long full body orgasms. Thank you for
bringing us these products in a safe, sensual way!
LG( Psychotherapist specializing in womens issues)
and DG(Senior Executive in Multimedia Corp.)
Chicago, Ill.


Vaginal Weight Lifting Egg Testimonials

I have been working with the onyx egg for many years now. I have found it to be extremely useful in many ways. I build up a charge or energy in my second chakra that I often find difficult to contain or move without the availability of a partner. I'm not certain how it works, but use of the egg seems to allow a diffusing of the energy that gives me a greater ability to house this energy in my body and my field.

[I swear, it's like having a pacifier! When I feel all frayed and out of sorts, I pop my egg in, and it's comforting, grounding and centering!]

As a result of using the egg, I have acquired the ability to discern different "regions" along the vaginal canal and can feel them distinctly. It's really heavenly. Although I believe that it is muscle tone that is responsible for this, it translates in feeling as a softening and an opening.

I am very grateful for my egg!

Rochelle Kuller
Atlanta, GA


CRYSTAL ONYX MASSAGE EGG-The quality is the first thing that you notice here. Tugging open the smooth drawstring on the little velvet bag, and looking inside at the small stone egg that rests in your palm. The heft of it in your hand as you pull it from the bag, warming it between your two hands, maybe rolling it back and forth a little. It's made to tone and strengthen the vaginal muscle walls, giving a woman considerably more control over her sex, and relieving the tension that can accumulate and build there over time. As with any new discipline, practice is key and relaxation is the first step toward enjoyment of this practice. (My own tendency is to get nervous, start laughing, and pop the egg out onto the bed. Oh well, there's time yet for me to learn). A fabulous toy that, like the Wand, is an art object as well. I think it's a good idea to be surrounded by things that stimulate visually as well as sexually, which is why I've set my egg up on my desk. An inspiration in more ways than one, and Most Highly Recommended.

This review of Nectar Products™ is from EIDOS V10 N4 Issue # 40 Kinky Reviews by Heather Seggel Page 27. EIDOS - The primary, and for some, the only forum of sexual expression.


I love my vaginal weight lifting egg for practical reason of toning my P.C. muscle. I also love it for fun reasons! It gives me a stimulating feeling as I slowly let it drop out of my vagina. " A giving birth" quality that is deeply pleasurable both physically and emotionally. When I am with my partner, he tugs very gently on the string when the egg is inside of me while I grip the egg with my vaginal muscles. This is a subtle dance of sensitivity and communication with my partner. He has to really tune in to be able to play with just the right amount of pulling on the string, to feel my muscles holding and releasing and responding to his tugging. We both laugh and enjoy the silent love talk with my muscles! I have found that the standing exercises in the booklet give me a great surge of sexual energy throughout my whole body. I am opening up to my sexual energy more and more every time I use my vaginal weight lifting egg. It all feels great!

Peggy in San Diego, California


Money Well Spent

It’s the best $39 I've ever spent! Thank you, thank you! I'm particularly grateful to you Cynthia for what you teach about use of this wand to open up and reconnect deeply with my true self and with a vulnerable, deep place in me that I hardly know, but I love the feeling of it in me!!! And you've taught me how to enjoy this newly awakened part of myself in connection with my femininity, sensuality and sexual energy in a really positive, healthy, fun way - Now I'm really knowing what loving myself really means, whether I'm alone or with someone else!

Thank you again.

Linda C.in Atlanta, GA


Crystal Wand™ - Vaginal Orgasms

As the owner of a personal growth center as well as two alternative sex shops in the Los Angeles area, I have pretty much seen it all. I have tried and experimented with just about every new sex toy that comes on the market, and the Crystal Wand™ is on the top of my favorites list!

After a few days of using my beautiful Crystal Wand™, suddenly, at fifty years old, I started enjoying vaginal orgasms! From then on I was able to create vaginal orgasms with my lover as well. What a joy! Another delight has been my lover's pleasure in watching my orgasm; actually seeing my vaginal contractions through the clear Lucite of the wand! The wand has become my favorite "toy." I love to start my day with a smile so, I can enjoy a quick five minute orgasm with my wand on my G-crest and my vibrator on my *censored*oris. It is guaranteed to begin my day with a deep appreciation of how responsive my body is!

Judy L.
Business Owner


Product Review Crystal Wand™ - Emotional Release

I have used the wand for pelvic release through the anus on myself and my husband. There are knots of tension in that area that hold emotions and tensions that effect the whole body and nervous system. I have begun to experience great pleasure in that area instead of tension! When using the wand I've experienced release of that tension and that has profoundly effected the way I am in my life! I am less up tight, less controlling and much more. I continue to use it and get more and more out of the experience.


The Crystal Wand was a curiosity that I purchased to experience and had no specific expectations about it. As a psychologist who works with sexual dysfunction, I was very intrigued with the possibilities of its usage. What happened with it was truly profound for my own personal evolution. It served as a catalyst for exploring the depths of my sexuality through emotional release and imagery that left me feeling that I had touched upon areas of my being that I would never have been able to clear without that unique experience. Love and light, Elise Psychotherapist

Crystal Wand™

Using the Crystal Wand™, I experienced a type of orgasm I have never felt before with my hand, my partner's hand and with anything else I've used. And I've tried lots of things, believe me! I love the Wand. Thank you for creating it, Cynthia. It's changed my life!

Patti M.
Marin Court, California
Writer, Book on Relationships

Honeydipper Deluxe

Hi Cynthia,

"It was quite amazing. It felt as though I could get the rim of the bulb right on my sacred spot and as I moved it up and down I was suddenly overwhelmed by a gushing orgasmic wave which took me completely by surprise and overwhelmed my senses."

Pretty hot stuff, eh?

I spent several hours with the wand! I don't remember if I've ever taken that much time for myself! What a GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Manager of New Age Bookstore

Thank You!

You gave me back something I had lost. My connection to me. The drive home tonite was filled with a growing sense of being home again. Being connected again. The sadness and pain of devastation aren't gone, I know it is still there. But that's ok now. I'm connected again. I'm able to feel happy again. I'm optimistic. I'm not out of the woods, yet. But it feels so good to be connected again. I can meditate again. God, that feels so wonderful to be able to have that again. I've missed having my meditation time these last two months.

I've spent over 9 years with 5 different counselors, 2 of which were very good and helped me tremendously. And yet, none of them had the ability to key in so quickly to the issues in my life and with such clear insight as you have. Plus you put me at ease right away and I felt very comfortable with you. You are very good at what you do. Tonite was very healing for me and I'm looking forward to having you as a guide, a teacher, and a healer to walk with me awhile on this path.

Thank you again for helping me find my way back home to myself.

Take care, Jeff


Prostate Massage

"I bought your G spot/prostate massage tool from you at a convention where you lectured in San Diego. I'm using it for prostate massage. I've found it very beneficial for a chronic health problem that doctors call Prostatitis, an infection of the prostate gland. I have been told by doctors that the infection lies deep in many fine tubes within the gland and becomes impacted with fluid disallowing the antibiotic medication from reaching the infected area. Medical professionals have recommended massage along with the medication, but my wife complains that her fingers are not long enough, and it is hard to reach and massage effectively.

Using the Crystal Wand™, I have milked almost a teaspoon of fluid from the gland at a time, which is a lot because when I had it done at the doctor’s office only a few drops appeared. So great! Thanks! I am grateful I found it and I have passed the information on to my buddies on the net who all suffer from the same problem. Finally, some relief!

P.W., San Diego, CA

Told I Would Never Walk Again!

I had a car accident 8 years ago resulting in a spinal cord injury. The doctors told me I wouldn't walk again. I had fractured my C6 vertibrae resulting in paralysis from my chest down. I was in the hospital for 7 weeks. After about a month of intensive therapy including my own 'inner therapy', I would watch MTV between my physical therapy sessions, using visualization, I would imagine myself dancing to the music. It took a strong will and unwavering intention to heal. An important factor too was my realizing that what I THOUGHT about myself, my life and healing would be the most important factor in getting better. I decided to listen to the doctors and what they and others had to say about what I COULDN'T do, would be to give my 'power to heal' away.

So I did not believe what they told me. I kept in a positive direction knowing I could do it. As a result, I was walking with some help of my walker out of the hospital in 2 months. The next few years were filled with a number of good therapies including Yoga, Accupuncture and Massage. I hired a personal trainer that helped me by giving me exercises as well as breathing practices focusing on strengthing and stabilizing the core muscles that are responsible for movement, especially of my hips and legs. This is when I came to work for Nectar Products and learned from Cynthia about the Crystal Wand and the Vaginal Weight Lifting Egg. This added a lot to my trainers exercise program. It helped me to regain feeling and muscle strength in my whole pelvic area and hips. The results were Great! I felt more awake, more alive down there and more of a continuity of flow of energy through my whole body. What was once numb before is more sensitive! Using the breathing exercises with the Egg and Wand suggested in the instruction booklet has helped me to feel more throughout my whole body but especially a strength in the pelvis which is the center of my balance and movement.

Thank You So Much!
Peggy R.

Sensual Enhancing Product Review
MOJO Risen Male Enhancer Extroadinare

I am a 60 year old chiropractor who has been in practice for over 32 years. I am also a clinical nutritionist and work with patients who are looking for natural alternatives to mainstream drug therapies.

Over the years I have investigated numerous herbal preparations for my patients who did not respond well to pharmaceutical treatments for erectile dysfunction. Most of these herbal products either did not work or worked poorly. Then I discovered Mojo Risen. I took it myself, and I was very impressed! As advertised, it went to work in about 30 minutes and performed as well as, if not better than, the well-advertised ED drugs. You only need to take one capsule, and it stays in your system for over 24 hours. And it has worked for me every time, without fail.

What I especially like about Mojo Risen, besides for the fact that it's naturally herbal, is the aphrodisiac effect that I really did not expect. Rather than just producing a mechanical erection like the pharmeceutical products, Mojo Risen also produces a wonderful sexual arousal and stamina that I haven't experienced in decades. And it's cost is half that of the mainstream drug treatments. I have re-ordered the product for myself and recommend it highly.

E. W.

Doctor of Chiropractic.
San Diego, CA


About Cynthia
Cynthia Lamborne is a leader in the field of sacred sexuality and Tantra. Her background and training includes: comprehensive study with several Tantric Masters; extensive travel in Egypt, India and Nepal; 30 years of training and experience with thousands of men and women as an intimacy coach and workshop facilitator; and teaching Transcendental Meditation for 10 years.



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