Here are some good, basic rules to follow for a successful G-area healing session. 

1.  The facilitator should always have the intent to heal and pleasure. 

2.  Take the time to "wake up" the area.  Massage her thighs, top and bottom, stomach, breasts, and her rear end.  Let her relax and become accustomed to your touch.  Harmonize your moods.  Encourage her to breathe deeply and exhale with sound.  Sound will always increase the pleasure.  Breathe with her  and follow her sounds, making sounds with her.  It will help you to "vibrate" with her feelings better, and she will feel additional loving encouragement from you. 

3.  When you feel it is time to approach her genitals, ask permission first.  This lets her know that you respect her body as hers and that she always has choice.  This also gives her encouragement to express her desires...she may not yet be ready.  Many women are not accustomed to having their readiness or feelings considered.  You want her to WANT YOU to touch her.  Begin by touching the outer areas with soft caresses and touches.  NO RUBBING at first.  The area could go numb before you've even begun!  Tease her a little, have her wanting more! 

4.  When you feel it is time to touch her inner labia, ask permission again.  Then, make sure that there is plenty of lubrication.  It is best to assume that hers may not be plentiful enough, so either wet your fingers with your saliva or use a lubricant.  Never enter the inner lips without lubrication, as it is uncomfortable for her. Continue to tease and tantalize her, only barely flirting with her vaginal opening and her clitoris.  Build the anticipation.  It makes it more fun and more intense. 

5.  Once she is fully aroused, begin by gently, slowly and lovingly feeling the muscles just outside the vaginal entry.  Whenever you do this work, begin by moving slowly. Your fingers can sense more, and she can feel your touch at a deeper level.  Ask her if she feels any tenderness there.  If so, then gently press in on that spot until you feel resistance, or she tells you to stop.  You want to gently press on the area so that she is aware of the discomfort, but not yet where she wants to back away.  Encourage her to breathe and make sounds along with you while you watch for some form of release.  Often this acupressure approach can turn into its own orgasm. 

Keep checking with her and she will let you know whether to increase the pressure, or back off.  Encourage her to feel all that is coming up for her.... words, thoughts, emotions.  The two of you can use the sound making techniques to help her "get into feeling her feelings" even more. You may encounter shivers, groans, growling, tears, hysteria, sobs, orgiastic bliss, or all of them!  As her lover, please stay focused on her at all times, maintain eye contact so that she knows you are there for her, and let her feelings fully express! 

It is important not to take any of these reactions personally.  Just hold the space for her to express.  Don't say anything, except to nurture, support, or encourage her.  DON'T TRY TO FIX IT!  Just let her feel and be. 

Then when she indicates that she feels complete for that area, move to another muscular area and do more of the same. 

6.  Eventually, it will be time to enter the vaginal opening.  Again ask for permission.  It is important that the timing is right for her! If you are using a Crystal Wand, begin by using your fingers up until this moment, or you can start with fingers, and change to the Crystal Wand later (a lot of lovers do this when their fingers get tired and their partner is still going!).  Continue with the same procedure on the inner walls of the vagina, slowly working your way up to the G-area. 

7.  At the G-area check with your partner to see if the touches you are giving her are pleasurable.  Start with the acupressure technique described above.  The tissue will begin to swell as the touch becomes more pleasurable.  Once it swells, you can experiment with other forms of stimulation.... rubbing side to side (first gently, and then increasing the pressure and pace as her arousal gains momentum)...tapping.... stroking down and up...two fingers, etc.  Stay focused, watch her response, and respond to her reaction.  Let her lead this dance!  It will increase her feelings of safety and her pleasure. Try to stay as connected to her as you can through eye contact, sound and breath!  With practice you may be surprised to find yourself feeling her feelings! 

When stimulating the G-area during regular lovemaking, it is advisable to be prepared to switch to healing mode, if she moves into deep emotion.  It is also wise to integrate many of these techniques into your everyday play, as appropriate, such as asking permission, watching to make sure that there is always plenty of lubrication, staying focused and attentive to your lover, and taking the time to "wake her up" before you plunge into more intense stimulation. 

With newbies, sometimes the beginning takes a little time and perseverance, but with patience, the rewards are gaining greater emotional and physical health, greater intimacy, and bigger and better orgasms!  I wish you joyous adventures! 

By Shama


About Cynthia
Cynthia Lamborne is a leader in the field of sacred sexuality and Tantra. Her background and training includes: comprehensive study with several Tantric Masters; extensive travel in Egypt, India and Nepal; 30 years of training and experience with thousands of men and women as an intimacy coach and workshop facilitator; and teaching Transcendental Meditation for 10 years.



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