The One Wand You Want

A clarifying crystal for a new age of lesbians and heterosexual women alike!

Article published in ON OUR BACKS Magazine.


By now many of you have heard of the G-spot and female ejaculation. You may have even found it. For those of you who are still on the quest or those who just want more, more, more, there is a new toy on the market that has the penetration junkies all abuzz. The Crystal Wand is 10 inches of clear acrylic, hand molded into a shallow S shape. I first heard about it from Raven and Kate. They teach a seminar which is a hands-on exploration of the female sexuaI anatomy, and with a particular interest in female ejaculation. A class like theirs is obviously not for the faint of heart, and I have yet to get up the gumption to go, but the two teachers came into Toys in Babeland to get lube, gloves, and other supplies for the class and to tell us about the Crystal Wand.

The Crystal Wand is one of those designed-by-a-woman-for-a-woman types of toys. It comes with a brochure explaining a bit about female pleasure and power. The basic idea is this: the G-spot is hard to reach with one's own hands because it is tucked a couple of inches up the front wall of the vagina. When you do find it with your finger it's difficult to bang on very hard because of the angle. The Crystal Wand makes it easy to reach your own G-spot and, of course, works with a partner too. Chris told me her story: "I had a great experience with a lover who truly seemed to have, magic fingers,' but I couldn't repeat the feeling by myself or with my current lover. When I got the Crystal Wand I tried it on myself, and it worked! Then I showed my lover how to use it on me. We're both happier now that I'm not pining for ol' Miss Magic".

The key to the Crystal Wand's success is its shape. Kate told me that in her experience, no other dildo or vibrator had worked as well. "The only way I had ever ejaculated was from fisting. I tried some other devices, but they were all hard to use; either my wrist got tweaked or I had to hold a weird position. When I put the Crystal Wand in, it hits my G-spot exactly, and I can easily give myself the sensations I want." Donna concurs, "I like my penetration to be forceful. The S of the wand curves up and makes a little handle that is easy t o push on hard without getting tired." Some women find that the stabbing motions of a straight dildo just don't do the trick. For Carla, the best penetration "feels like pulling, not pushing. The S of the wand grabs in the right place, and then I sort of pull it down towards my knees and next thing you know I'm squirting buckets."

Randi first saw the Crystal Wand in a group-sex setting. "I knew right away that I had to have it. It took me a while to track it down, but now I love it so much that I gave each of my two best friends one as a gift. They cost $50, which is well worth it." Nicol told me, "I'm blessed with long fingers and can reach my G-spot fine on my own, but I like the wand for variety. Plus it's pretty. I use it for a paper weight at work, and no one is the wiser."

Rachel Venning is the cofounder of Toys in Babeland, a Seattle and Web-based sex toy store.


Crystal Wand™

During one love making session, something deeply emotional started to be triggered in me. My lover was spent. Though by having the wand available, we were able to continue the deep physical, emotional, and spiritual opening which became a great healing for me.

A totally new feeling awakened in us both as my lover was inside my vagina. We used the wand movement in my anus, this stimulated him because of its curved shape and it stimulated my G spot, creating an intense sensual pleasure and Kundalini energy experience all at once.

Other variations are: his using the wand inside while being inside of me, gave him the androgynous feeling of simultaneously opening to receive and trusting to give his male energy to me. This is a very brief description of a very powerful greater experience than these words can do justice to.

San Diego.
Sex Therapist


About Cynthia
Cynthia Lamborne is a leader in the field of sacred sexuality and Tantra. Her background and training includes: comprehensive study with several Tantric Masters; extensive travel in Egypt, India and Nepal; 30 years of training and experience with thousands of men and women as an intimacy coach and workshop facilitator; and teaching Transcendental Meditation for 10 years.



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